Who We Are

Our Motto

You don’t owe any country a claim to your life, money or business if they haven’t earned it. This is how real freedom works – NO BORDERS, NO BOUNDARIES!

Our Status

WORLD MIGRATION GROUP (WMG) is a hybrid immigration legal support firm, serving both immigrants and emigrants (simply put – “migrants”). This is where our name comes from.

Those who are willing to obtain a Second Citizenship or Permanent Residency can experience serious personal, professional, and financial complications. Securing a legal status and rights can help any and all migrants living or desiring to live outside of their current country of residence or their country of origin. Additionally, complications that could potentially compromise a person’s status and rights must be dealt with quickly and thoroughly. Through personal legal counsel and help tailored to the unique circumstances of each client’s case and his or her financial, legal and residency status in the world, those who contact our WMG office in Vancouver, BC will be well protected.

Our Story

WMG was originally established in the late 1990s and today is one of the top immigration firms in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. Based in Vancouver, our firm represents both corporate and individual clients from around the world in their desire to settle (permanently or temporary) in Canada, or other select countries. WMG is fully licensed, properly insured and highly experienced to assist clients in establishing a legal resident status in the country of their choice.

Our Approach

We always begin with a fair-priced consultation. No matter what you may currently be dealing with, we can help you find the best outcome in your personal situation. With our insight gleaned from years of success, you can better understand your rights, the challenges you are currently facing, and your best course of action.

One-on-One Consultation

Dr. Alex Titov and the legal team at WMG are devoted to each client they take on and can help you to reach a desirable outcome for your (very personal) situation. As a lifelong entrepreneur, real-estate investor and immigration practitioner, Alex is available for consultations to address whatever questions you have about going offshore. Whether you need help finding the best place to live, the easiest second passport to get, how to start a business overseas, or tips on where to move your money, Alex can help. Consultations are based on solving your problem, not an hourly rate. The completion of an anonymous Preliminary Questionnaire is required to formally prepare a list of potential solutions and programs to discuss during the actual consultation.