Malta immigration

  •  Processing Time
  • 4–6 months
  •  Location
  • Miditerrenean
  •  Population
  • 423 thousand
  •  Languages
  • English

A full European Union (EU) Member State, Malta has enjoyed strong and consistent growth in its financial services industry and is fast becoming the jurisdiction of choice for a number of multinational companies looking for an ideal hub from which to do business within the EU, Middle East and North African markets.

Required Options

Option 1
For a single applicant – contribution of USD 250,000 to the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation
For a spouse and 2 children under 18 years old – USD 300,000
Option 2
Real estate investment – minimum of USD 400,000


  • Efficient work force
  • Stable and safe environment
  • Low-cost and tax-efficient jurisdiction
  • Highly-qualified work-force
  • Strategic geographical location
  • English as a business language
  • Strong legal and fiscal framework

The ideal place to do business, Malta has ranked among the top five emerging financial centres in the world in the City of London’s Global Financial Index. Additionally, for many years, Malta has been a friendly place in the sun for people looking to relocate with their families within the EU.