Dominica immigration

  •  Processing Time
  • From 3 months
  •  Location
  • Caribbean
  •  Population
  • 72.6 thousand
  •  Languages
  • English

The Commonwealth of Dominica is an independent English-speaking island state situated between the French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. It is a former British colony and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations (British Commonwealth).

Dominica has a pleasant climate, particularly during the cool months from December to March. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the Caribbean. Covering an area of almost 800 km2, it supports a population of more than 65,000, including about 3,000 of the last surviving native Carib people in the Caribbean. The Dominicans are regarded by many travellers as the friendliest people in the Caribbean. There is a strong currency – the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, which is tied to the US Dollar – and almost no crime.

Also known as the Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica boasts a wide range of unique nature attractions, including unspoiled rain forests, an abundance of spectacular waterfalls, hundreds of rivers and streams, the second largest volcanic boiling lake in the world, and world-class hiking in the many nature reserves.

This Caribbean country’s passport program is cheaper, but only offers a donation option. That means your entire investment will not be recovered. The total cost will still be in the six figures, although Dominica offers the most affordable passport program at around USD 130,000 for an unmarried applicant. Here you will need a non-refundable investment of USD 100,000 in addition to USD 1,800 in fees. It takes eight weeks for the economic citizenship to be granted. Expect to travel to 87 countries visa-free. In Dominica the family option requires a direct cash contribution to the government of USD 100,00 for a family of up to four people (applicant, spouse and two children under 18 years or age), plus USD 25,000 for each additional child under 25 years of age. With registration and professional fees of approximately USD 15,000 added to the basic figure, applicants can anticipate a total cost of USD 165,000.

The single option, under which an individual applicant’s USD 75,000 investment is to be divided equally between public- and private-sector projects. The total cost for a single applicant is about USD 100,000.

Required Options

Non-refundable Government Contribution
Single applicant – USD 100,000
One applicant plus spouse (Family One) – USD 175,000
Applicant plus one spouse and two children below the age of 18 years (Family Two) – USD 200,000
Applicant plus one spouse and more than two children below the age of 18 years – USD 200,000 and USD 50,000 for every additional person 18 years and below

It is important to note here that the program’s procedural requirements (for example mandatory interviews in Dominica) add to the effective total cost. A completely clean personal record (certificate of no criminal record, etc.), a comprehensive CV, business background information as well as impeccable references must be provided by all applicants.

The documentary requirements are quite onerous and the procedure includes mandatory interviews in Dominica which cannot be waived. The interview commission meets only once a month and this can lengthen the process of finding a convenient date for the interview. Accordingly, the processing time for applications currently ranges from 5 to 14 months.

Advantages of Dominica Citizenship

  • Ability to live and work in Dominica at any time
  • You are not liable to taxation in Dominica on any income earned outside of Dominica unless you decide to reside there
  • Visa-free travel to more than 90 countries, including the United Kingdom, Switzerland and many others