Investment Immigration

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)
​​open from May 29​,​ 2017 to February 23​,​ 2018.
Canada is Waiting for You!

World Migration Group works with investors who want to move to another country, start a business or buy real estate – efficiently, professionally and securely.

Financial protection

Diversify your assets so no one can seize your retirement funds, not even your ex-spouse. Our trusted experts can help eliminate uncertainties of a visa application. Go ahead, sign that business deal!

Second passport

Your freedoms, your investments and your life matter. A dual citizenship can provide a better life for you and your family. Afterall, our hand picked countries foster some of the best conditions the world over. Your grandchildren will thank you!

Personalized assistance

Tailored to the client’s personal requirements, our services account for logistics, tax considerations, and your family situation. Cover all your bases before the big decision.

Consult with WMG to plan your overseas investment

You may have heard about immigration through investment from advisers, friends or family. It is a way to deal with high taxes, political instability, military conflicts and economic sanctions. Who would have thought there are so many benefits?